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Introducing MogiMail. With your MogiMe account, you can send private messages to friends on MogiMe without giving out own email address.


Find and make new friends on the MogiMe network. Add them as a friend and start socializing! What about Facebook? If you have Facebook, enable your Facebook account with MogiMe and invite your Facebook friends too.


Buy premium items for your avatars to express yourself. Whether you are a fashionista, a tech geek, an anime fan, or just a gamer who wants their own gaming identity, there is something for everyone.


Be entertained with games in our Arcade section. If you are a Where's Waldo fan, try Find Mr Mogi. Or get some local multiplayer action with a friend in a classic game of Rock Paper Scissors but with a modern twist! If you are a fan of Match 3 games, try Mogi Match. More games coming to the MogiArcade soon!


Buy premium items in the MogiStore or play games in MogiArcade using MogiTickets and MogiCoins. .