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MogiMe is the first mobile social gaming platform that provides a channel for designers and artists to create, distribute and monetize premium content on mobile. Design clothes, accessories, backgrounds, props, and so much more!

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Create, Upload, Sell

Using the MogiMe ADK & Store

MogiMe makes it easy. All you need is the MogiMe ADK (Avatar Design Kit – a term coined by MogiMe)!

By using the MogiMe ADK, all you need to do is to design your Avatar Virtual Goods using our guideline and upload the ADK files in your designer account dashboard and you're done.

There is no coding and your MogiStore items will be released to thousands of MogiMe users when it's reviewed and approved!

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MogiMe will be launching it’s full featured Designer hub soon, but in the meantime you can use our signup form to the left to become a MogiMe Designer/Artist and get invited to join MogiMe Designer Program during the beta period.